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“Sometimes being a sister is even better than being a princess”

we are sisters

the brand

Being a twin I was lucky enough to always have a constant companion in life. Born 13 weeks premature with me weighing only 825 grams and my sister 1010 grams, the doctors told my parents it was unlikely we would survive, let alone go on to thrive. Growing up my mum would always dress my sister and I the same often in clothes she made herself. It made us feel special like we were one in a pair navigating this little life together

Now, as a mum of two daughters I want them to know that being a sister is a special gift. I want them to know they have a best friend in each other and a person they can share their hopes, secrets and dreams with.

The we are sisters brand is all about enriching and capturing this unique bond that exists between "sisters". A "sister" can be by birth, a cousin, or a best friend! Our collection offers stylish, fresh, timeless, yet practical and playful matchy-matchy clothing pieces for "sisters" to match each other and wear together

core values

The we are sisters clothing range builds upon the relationship and unique connection that can only exist between "sisters"

  • Our pieces are all about encouraging girls to have fun, be themselves, be happy and creative
  • Each piece is functional yet fashionable and allows for easy movement and play
  • We have designed each piece with the busy parents in mind by making the dressing process in the morning that little bit easier and of course filled with fun

signature style

All the we are sisters apparel is well tailored to last longer and to withstand the everyday play that girls enjoy. Pieces are trans-seasonal and are designed to be worn everyday, layered in the cooler months or worn for that special occasion. Each piece has been lovingly made locally in Perth, Western Australia

I hope you enjoy the pieces as much as I have designing them

Candy x


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